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Idea+teoria hadithista aavikoiden vihertymisestä??

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Idea+teoria hadithista aavikoiden vihertymisestä??
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Lähetä Idea+teoria hadithista aavikoiden vihertymisestä?? Vastaa lainaamalla viestiä
Olen ymmärtänyt että aavikoiden vihertymisestä on hadith.

In Sahara there is these huge "pools", higher ground surrounded lower areas which are these huge "pools" on desert, that some has even big areas under sea-level in bottom of these "pools". These pools mostly are located very near coast-line, and with pumps and pipes of few hundred kilometers these "pools" could be filled with sea-water, until vaporizing (increasing while wideness of "pools" would expand) would match water flowing in, when surface of "pools" would stop rising and around them would be coming huge oasis’s (as sand filters salt from sea-water, when few meters from coast of these "pools" would be easy to get fresh water with dwells and pumps), and these oasis’s could reach kilometers inland as water travels far away in sand. For agricultural activities and inhabitation there would be huge areas to be used, these "pools" would be biggest lakes in the world.

But real meaning of these pools would be elsewhere, because vaporizing from those would be huge in world’s warmest areas with most heat radiation from sun (without clouds). Water-steam would for clouds filled with water, that would be going with major winds to south and east (for example as turned by coriolis-force) into mountains middle of Sahara and mountains west in Arabian peninsula, forming rains at least finally there. It would form rivers and lakes into area, from which there is obvious signs around mountains in middle of Sahara from past times (from last ice age, when Sahara was inhabited by black Africans).

Reason why these "pools" would change situation so radically is that air-masses rise to upper layers of atmosphere from equator, until arriving to north and coming down at 30´-line east-west (at coast of Libya/Egypt), and go from there as winds we notice to south and north, leaving winds going south without moisture from Mediterranean Sea, as winds going to north (Europe) will have all of it. So only way to get moisture to Sahara is to move water-masses from Mediterranean Sea to these "pools" under this 30´-line to vaporize (Mediterranean Sea will have water more through Gibraltar straits from Atlantic).

Only "bad" effect this could have would be destruction of unhabited waste-land desert, when besides worthless deserts there would be lots of land suitable for agricultural and living use, providing living for millions of unemployment workers and people without land (believe me, deserts will be green as long as they get enough water, seeds for plants have come there by wind, in nature-document water was poured in top of dune and green plant rose from it, dying without water until it got more water and got back to life). Here would be huge opportunities for profits, buy worthless desert and change it for agricultural use, even possibly oil could be drilled from bottom of these pools and transported by pipes going under water and deserts as sand moves and buries pipes (no danger of sabotage). Also water pumping from under Libyan desert, that is in danger as water is decreasing, would get more fresh water below desert sand from these pools.

Why should we go into this project?

We need more agricultural and green areas to fight food and water crises, and to fight against population growth and climate problems. If mankind is on earth during next ice age (signs from it already there, like Golf-stream slowing down 20% in last five years period, some scientist predict that Britain might have climate of Alaska in next 20 years), deserts of Arabs (Sahara+Middle-East) is going to be green, as they were during last ice age when black Africans inhabited even nowadays deserts of Libya. This has been mentioned in prophecy and hadith of prophet Mohammed (pbuh), as he said that "deserts of Arabs will once again be filled with rivers and gardens". Noticeably there is for example satellite pictures taken from Saudi-Arabian desert, In these pictures anyone can clearly see old river streams going under desert, and from there founded remains of gardens and agricultural activity. So Mohammed knew without proofs that during last ice age area was green, And so it will be during next ice age after change in climate and rainfalls. But this prophecy does not exclude possibility that humans themselves could make them green, as their actions would anyway be originated from Allah.

Mitä tykkäätte? Voisiko ideani onnistua? National Geography vastasi tähän ideaan minulle henkilökohtaisesti ja kertoi laittaneensa "Committee of Research and Exploration"-ryhmän tutkimaan asiaa.
Tii Syy 11, 2007 10:32 am
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