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Sheikh Abu Hamza Al-Masrin runo

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Sheikh Abu Hamza Al-Masrin runo
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Liittynyt: 16 Syy 2004
Viestejä: 1551

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A translation of an Arabic poem written by Sheikh Abu Hamza Al-Masri (may Allah swt release him)

I long for Death [for the sake of Allah]

Death take me
Don’t prolong my sorrows
With my shahadah take me

My longing is my asset
My shahadah will turn in to profit
And the nour will protect me

Death do not turn around
Do not forget my address
Would you say that you leave me?
But take my brothers?
Are you pleased with their skills
In praise and honour?
Whereas I remain alone
Without a home.
In the mire of this dunya
And the mire of my troubles.

Our innocence is clear
In spite of all attempts to prevent us
From implementing our religion

In our words and deeds
Our isolation grows
With the caving of heedlessness
And the hypocrisy of those
Who sell religion for power.
Who are corrupted by a world
That only invites you to disappointment
Or by a worshiper who has fallen from the Deen for
Their love of bid’ah

By the one who rebels against his Lord
And sold himself to tyranny
And a Mujahid who has strayed
From the path of Imaan.
My longing has been experienced
By Abu Dharr in his saying
You will love death
If you readily know it
The heart longing for its Lord
Throbs in worship

How wonderful it would be
If my companions live and I alone die

Death you are hated by every person
Except the martyr who looks at you
With love and longing

A longing that is not helpless
It does not worry me
I feel no bitterness
And I am covered in goodness
In spite of these dark prisons
And the happy clamour

Of my heart delights me with the happiness news
Of the longing of the slave
For his Lord and Paradise
And the anger he feels for the sake of his Lord towards every Shaytan.

A shahid spoken as if it is of musk
Lift my weakness
It will go for the throne
With my fate

Where are the green birds?
They live with my brothers
I beg You O Lord of happiness
For happiness to find me
If only, Oh Lord of the Throne
If with a bird my time would come
That you are pleased with who precede and come after me

Death be a witness to my longing to be free
Witnesses to the Deen of Allah through all times
Death I wonder
If you will extend my life?
And I should be like Nuh
And live for a thousand years

How ridiculous this dunya is
With its fleeting illusions
Keeping down the most noble of us
With the insolence of prison guards

O Lord, I beg you to bless me with Ihsan
With your victory
And the fullest of faith.

To death smiling
From its intensity
And the fire do not consider me worthwhile
As it moans as it boils

And the Houris busy themselves
Preparing to meet their groom
And praise for Almighty Allah with crown
The achievement of my hopes and prayers.

A translation of an Arabic poem written by Sheikh Al-Masri (may Allah swt release him) in 2009/2009.

"The one who is (truly) imprisoned is the one whose heart is imprisoned from Allah, and the captivated one is the one whose desires have enslaved him." Ibn Taymiyah
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